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Vessel Details

The most complete worldwide database containing particulars of seagoing vessels.

Vessel Details provides master data on the global trading fleet. Our database contains information on more than 170,000 seagoing vessels. Every day our experts validate and update data such as load capacity, engine types, shipping company, owner, dimensions and technical management.


Search for a ship by name or imo number and immediately see relevant data. It is also possible to look back and see when the ship has changed owner or nationality, for example.

Through a successful collaboration with our business partner Lloyds List Intelligence, we can offer you the most complete and up-to-date worldwide vessel database.


Vessel details are linked to all other functions within Ship2Port. So you can access the particulars of the ship and drill down to see where the ship is at any time (AIS) or set an alert when the ship enters an area where there is a safety risk.

Potential users:

Our customers use this functionality in various ways. Use cases you can think of are:

  • Terminals expecting a ship that need to know contact details.
  • Agents who need to create a proforma invoice and require certain master data to make a correct calculation.
  • Insurance companies making a risk analysis.
  • Government parties such as the Customs Office and Law Enforcement that need reliable information about ships and related matters for security reasons.
  • Suppliers and tech firm seeking to expand their market via insight into the parties responsible for the technical management of ships.

Experience the power of Vessel Details yourself

This module is great when you need reliable data to keep your commercial and operational operations in order.