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Track & Trace

Live ship tracking

Access the exact location of vessels, their berths and planned departure times. Follow vessels around the globe. Available for all see-faring and inland vessels.

Track & Trace subscriptions come with unlimited notifications via text message, e-mail or the Ship2Report app.  Set up notifications in advance and you are automatically notified of changes in a vessels status. Examples include ETA or destination changes, entries into area’s of interest etc

Data API

AIS information is easily integrated into your in-house systems. All kinds of internal processes can be automated through updates of the current status and position of a ship or fleet. Keeping you, as a planner and operationally manager on top of your port planning.

Additional features:

Track & Trace and Port Arrivals & Departures

By cleverly combining AIS with another function of Ship2Report, Port Arrivals & Departures, you get a complete and reliable picture of all shipping traffic. On the one hand, you have validated information on when ships are expected in a port and, on the other, you can see at a glance if a ship is on track to reach its window at the terminal.

Track & Trace and MyAlerts

Thanks to the combination with MyAlerts, you can receive an early signal if anything changes in the status of a ship. We can inform you immediately if, for example, there is a change in the destination, course, speed or ETA of a ship. Another example of this alert is the possibility of being actively informed if a ship enters an area of interest. Track and trace utilizes global satellite AIS data, enabling real time updates all over the globe.


Use this module if you:

  • Want to see real time vessel locations.
  • Want to quickly see which ships are at anchor in an area
  • Want to know where ships are headed and at what speed.
  • Receive messages when a ship is expected in port and/or is entering a port.
  • Would like to receive notifications when an ETA changes or when ships enters an area of interest
  • Want to know whether a ship will meet its scheduled time of arrival in port.

Try Track & Trace now

This function is a great solution for anyone who wants to quickly see what activities are expected in order to make efficient port planning.