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Port Arrivals & Departures

All ETA’s and departure times for seagoing vessel available in real time

Port Arrivals and Departures combines information on vessel particulars, port data and a complete overview of shipping traffic, en-route and in port. Port Arrivals and Departures allows planners, logistical specialists and operational managers to get a grip on their port planning.

Data is presented in a clear manner. We ensure that all information is reliable and up-to-date. Vessel voyage data such as the ETA is supplemented with information about the shipping agent, the berths or berth where the ship will moor and current status info (will the vessel switch berths, has a pilot been ordered, are there orders for the ship, etc.) By linking Ship2Report to various port management systems, users benefit from important information that is not available anywhere else.

Smart Functions:

  1. Compile custom data views to suit your use case
  2. See traffic information for ports worldwide
  3. Quick insight into which ship is expected, is in port or is about to depart
  4. Combine multiple ports in one overview
  5. Excel export function


Port Arrival & Departures provides three types of information:

Expected arrival & berth

Insight into which ships are expected for a port and to which terminal and berth these ships are headed 


Current berth

See exact locations of all ships in a port

Extensive history

Access a full 5 year history of port arrivals and departures

The advantages

Use this module when you:

  • Need a fast overview of expected activity in a port
  • Want to obtain up-to-date and reliable information about ship movements
  • Your planning preparations rely on reliable information
  • Need to know when and where a ship will arrive in port
  • Want to know how long a ship will stay in port and whether you have enough time to meet your time schedule

Try Port Arrivals & Departures for yourself

This function is a great solution for anyone who wants a quick overview of upcoming port activity to draw up an efficient port planning. Want to know more, check the arrival and departure of ships in Rotterdam!