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Ship2Report can help port terminals secure their terminal according to the ISPS code by providing a centralized platform for managing security protocols and visitor access. The platform allows port terminal operators to easily track and manage visitor access requests, ensuring that all visitors are properly authorized and have the necessary security clearances.


Mobile phone App

Visitors can make their announcements through the Ship2Report webpage or an easy to use Mobile phone App. All announcements are automatically routed to the responsible Ship Agents. The agents reviews, approves or reject the requested visits.


Full ISPS Compliance

By using Ship2Report to manage their security protocols, port terminal operators can improve their compliance with the ISPS code and other relevant regulations, while also enhancing their overall security posture. The platform’s streamlined and user-friendly interface also helps reduce the risk of errors or miscommunications that can occur with manual processes, improving efficiency and reducing delays.


Improve the security of your Terminal

Ship2Report is a powerful tool for port terminal operators looking to enhance their security protocols and ensure compliance with the ISPS code. The platform’s advanced features and intuitive design make it an ideal solution for managing security and visitor access in a complex and constantly evolving environment.

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